College Readiness Corner


Internship Program Requests


Please consider hosting an internship for a CVHS high school student this summer, should your employer or business have such opportunities available. Our committee is willing to connect with your HR or line leaders to discuss the details and provide further information if necessary.


We are confident that our CVHS students would make excellent interns, and your company would benefit from their unique perspectives, enthusiasm, and dedication. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


To share information about a potential high school internship program, please message


College Information Series – Recordings ( 2022-2023 School Year)


Series Topic Zoom Link Recording
Week1 – 11/09/22 Navigating College Admission Process Zoom Video
Week2 – 11/16/22 Financial Aid Zoom Video
Week3 – 11/30/22 Road to College for Parents Zoom Video
Week4 – 12/07/22 Building your College List Zoom Video
Week5 – 02/02/23 Conquering Scholarships Zoom Video
Week6 – 03/02/23 I’ve applied to college. Now what? Zoom Video