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Community Engagement Committee Co-Chairs, First-Year CVHS Parents Katherine Buchanan & Meghna Goswami

EM: Community Engagement Committee


Board Liaison, 6-Year CVHS Parent, PTO President, Maria Castro Calzada


 "We, the parents and PTO of Carnegie Vanguard High School, unequivocally support Principal Ramon Moss. His leadership over the past 20 years has raised our students to the highest level of achievement."

*************ACTION ITEMS*************


2. PARTICIPATE IN Letter Writing Campaigns 



1. HISD Board Meeting: Thursday, June 13, 2024, 5:00 pm – 11:59 pm

BOARD SERVICES CONFERENCE ROOM AND BOARD AUDITORIUM in the Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center building--HISD



*** Please be in attendance and sign up to speak (sign-up opens 72 hours prior to the board meeting and closes at noon the day prior to the board meeting)***


Use the following website link to register to speak at the HISD board meeting:





We are asking speakers to focus on the problematic HISD teacher evaluation system that threatens the jobs of our high-quality, well-respected, and effective teachers at Carnegie Vanguard High School. 


*** Speakers usually have 2 minutes to speak, but given an anticipated large number of HISD community speakers this month, speakers will likely be given 1 minute to speak (about a 120-130 word speech)***


Below is information (potential talking points) about the problematic HISD teacher evaluation system:


—The current HISD administration-generated teacher evaluation system (particularly the IRT spot classroom observation form) is unfair and penalizes teachers of honors level, pre-AP, and AP classes, as it does not take into account/align with the type of teaching and learning required in these advanced-level and college-level classes, such as: lecturing with note-taking, class discussion, student seminars, extended periods of writing, and reading of full texts/novels.
—High-quality teachers who are well-respected, effective, and many who are award winning (teachers of the year, etc.), are at risk of losing their jobs simply for adhering to established standards and requirements for teaching advanced-level and college-level classes. 
—High-quality teachers fear that they will hurt their schools by simply adhering to established standards and requirements for teaching advanced-level and college-level classes, because not only are they being penalized, but their schools, their school administrators, and their students are being penalized.
—Even officials at the TEA (the entity that took over HISD and appointed Superintendent Miles) found flaws with HISD’s teacher evaluation system finding the approach to classroom observation to be “odd”, and raising concerns about the inadequate training of teacher evaluators with the TEA warning that HISD needs to provide clear training or risk "calibration issues”.
—HISD should adopt a teacher evaluation system that is peer-reviewed, proven to be valid by teacher organizations, based on state and/or national standards, and has built-in flexibility for properly assessing teachers of advanced level and college level classes.
IRT=Individual Review Team
TEA=Texas Education Agency
HISD=Houston Independent School District


When at the HISD board meeting, please:


-Be in the audience; wear your CVHS clothing proudly and stand in solidarity with us!!


-Be unified and respectful, and stay on message







2. Letter Writing Campaign:


Audrey Momanaee
Ric Campo
Angela Lemond Flowers
Rolando Martinez
Paula Mendoza
Adam Rivon
Cassandra Auzenne Bandy
Michelle Cruz Arnold
Janette Garza Linder




Name Title Email
Steve Lecholop Deputy Commissioner
Alejandro Delgado Deputy Commissioner
Mike Morath Commissioner
Dr Doris Delaney Conservator



Texas State Legislature  
Texas House of Representatives: Find My Representative
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City Council

District A Amy Peck
District B Tarsha Jackson
District C Abbie Kamin
District D Carolyn Evans-Shabazz
District E Fred Flickinger
District F Tiffany D. Thomas
District G Mary Nan Huffman
District H Mario Castillo
District I Joaquin Martinez
District J Edward Pollard
District K Martha Castex-Tatum
At-Large 1 Julian Ramirez
At-Large 2 Willie Davis
At-Large 3 Twila Carter
At-Large 4 Letitia Plummer
At-Large 5 Sallie Alcorn




Good Reason Houston


Cary Wright Chief Executive Officer
Ashley Cash Chief Operating Officer
Faria Dhamani Chief Financial Officer
Veronica Garcia Chief Policy Officer
Scott McClelland Founding Board Chair
Adeeb Barqawi Board Member
Ann Barnes Board Member
Bobby Tudor Board Member
Darryl Wilson Board Member
Douglas L. Foshee Board Member
Jeff Shaddix Board Member
Jill Jewett Board Member
Jim Postl Board Member
José Villarreal Board Member none
Manolo Sánchez Board Member
Peter Rodriguez Board Member
Polly Whittle Board Member none
Sebastien Solar Board Member



Definition of a CRASH




1. Carnegie, by all primary factors, is a top-performing school. 

      • Standardized Test scores
      • AP Test Scores / College Placement Exam Scores
      • College Acceptance Rate
      • TEA Scores
      • Teacher Retention
      • Ranking Websites Categories
        1. US News and World Report
        2. Children at Risk
        3. The Best Schools.Org
        4. Niche.Com
        5. HISD Gold Family Friendly School

2. Carnegie is well-known, well-respected.

  • Carnegie is consistently used by the district as an example of a stellar HISD school in its blog posts and social media when it suits them.
  • When given the choice of any school in the district, the last Superintendent, Miller House, chose Carnegie for his child.


3. Carnegie has experienced many changes in 20 years, except our Principal and our principles.

  • We have had multiple school boards come and go, multiple superintendents, two decades of political change, a pandemic, a recession, different school buildings, and even name changes; there have been differing standards from TEA to AP to STAAR, and even whether or not the SAT or ACT mattered anymore. The goalposts have moved and bent and been removed altogether, and... you name it, this Title I school has met it.


However, there have been 2 consistent elements in those 20 years



Excellence starts at the top at Carnegie Vanguard, and, as Principal Moss always says, we are not just a school or a community; we are a family. Our family is under attack. Let's welcome them to the crash*. 


HISD Superintendent says 100+ principals are NOT being fired... Mike Miles said he needed to clear up some misconceptions on the status of principals.

CVHS PTO President, Maria Castro Calzada Responds

HOUSTON – On the first day after Spring Break, Houston Independent School District’s Superintendent Mike Miles tried to set the record straight, saying the district does not plan to fire more than 100 principals. Some of those principles got notices last week they interpreted as threats that if they didn’t improve, they could lose their jobs.

SEE ALSO: City councilmember concerned that possible loss of more than 100 HISD principals could have detrimental long-term effect

Miles used a football analogy to explain that this is midseason and he can’s say yet where things will land.

“You want me to hire everybody back mid-season, even though we only played half the games? So that’s how we need to look at it and to characterize and say, well, these, you know, these principals, these high performing schools aren’t going to make they’re going to be fired. It’s like, no, that’s not the case. You know, odds are they’re going to they’re going to have a winning season. And we’re, we’re confident in that,” Miles said.

The district has said that based on performance reviews, 125 principals have demonstrated the leadership qualities necessary to keep their jobs for the next school year.

SEE ALSO: Up to 40 new schools will be added to HISD’s NES model. What do you think about the district’s decision?